Attachment Parenting School Age Kids and Tweens

When people speak of attachment parenting, they're usually referring to infants or preschool kids. But the commitment to this type of parenting carries over to older kids too. Speaking as a mom who's in her 25th year attachment parenting, here's how it worked for us with school-age kids and tweens (preteen kids under 13).   Attachment Parenting School Age Kids and Tweens 

Soul-Soothing Music for Valentine's Day

Like no other stimulus, music touches our deepest soul responses. Music is sensual and provocative. Music spurs strong emotions and reactions. I'm a realist in practice but a romantic at heart. I'm often moved to tears by a particular piece of music. Love songs soothe my spirit, perfect for Valentine's Day. Whether you're in a committed, relationship, just broken up, looking of love or comfortably single, this music will salve your soul. If you're grieving, these songs can help you access angst. If depression plagues you, use as music therapy. I've included songs from different genres and countries. I've also included my favorite versions of the songs. Romantic Love Songs for Valentine's Day 

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