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 I'm passionate about alternative health treatments. I look to nutrition, herbs, vitamin supplements, homeopathy, Eastern practices, before conventional western medicine.

That habit has not let me down. It seems every ailment I or one of my family gets, traditional medicine only makes worse. I only found true healing from alternative sources.  Here's a list of books that help. Health Books No One Should Be Without (Think Christmas Gifts) - News - Bubblews

Alanon Slogans Do What You've Always Done, Get What You've Always Gotten

If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten. I love this Alcoholics Anonymous/Alanon slogan. To me it means if I repeat dysfunctional behavior, I won't get healthier. If I respond the same in relationships, unhealthy patterns persist.

I'll take that one step further. If I don't change, it won't change but it will get worse. There's no status quo in relationships. My friend has a rageaholic husband. You couldn't ask for a nicer guy. He'd give you the Carhartt off his back. But he storms up over every little thing.  If You Do What You Have Always Done You Will Get What You Have Always Gotten

Fat Burners, Diet Supplements that Helped Me Lose Over 90 Pounds

Besides baby fat, I never had a weight problem. In early adulthood, I weighed 117 pounds at 5'4". Then health issues, two stillborn babies, depression and antidepressants made me put on 110 pounds. I have since taken off 90 pounds and dropped from size 18-20 to size 7. I used no drugs or surgery. I use several strategies including diet supplements. But wait, I said no drugs? Yes, supplements I use are natural, fruit-based, doctor-approved and available in grocery stores (no online-only or mail-order like some diet scams). Here's what I take.  Fat Burners, Diet Supplements that Helped Me Lose 85 Pounds

Diet Tip: Swap Panko Crumbs for Breading

I have just officially lost 90 pounds. I write a diet-tip-of-the-day and diet recipe of the day posts. My oldest daughter introduced me to a calorie-cutting tip: substitute Japanese panko crumbs for breading, coating or bread crumbs. Panko is toasted saltine or oyster crackers with a little seasoning. Panko has 100 calories per 1/2 cup serving to bread crumbs--130-140 calories for 1/4 cup. Make your own or buy--price isn't that much different with Walmart Panko crumbs. Diet Tip: Substitute Panko Crumbs for Breading
Read on  

My Weight Gain and Loss, Before and After Pictures

This was me in 2011 in the blue dress. Not the two skinny, sexy girls--those are my lovely daughters. I was probably at my heaviest, over 100 pounds overweight. But there was a time when I was just as tiny as those pretty ladies.

I have since lost almost about 88 of those pounds. Now I'm working to shed the fat depression and shame. Being fat is a shame-ridden condition. So I started dieting. Here's +How-I-lost-weight and how I'm working now to shed fat shame.

I was chubby as a child, then lost weight at 12. Through high school, I still felt fat, even though at my highest, I weighed only 138 pounds at 5'4". In college I dropped to 107 pounds at one point. I got married and when I found I was expecting a year later, I weighed 117.  Read on to see weight gain and loss before and after photos. My Weight Gain and Weight Loss, Before, During and After Pictures 

Work Smarter Not Harder, You Overachiever Freelancer

I used to think that since I could write online 24-7, I should. Wrong. Burnout, exhaustion, health issues ensued. I am learning to work smarter, not harder. I think it's part of what kept me on antidepressants, overachiever that I am. Are you a work-a-holic? Here's what works on a site called Bubblews that I write for.
 Why Five Bubblews Posts a Day is Better Than Ten 

Safe Natural Fat Burners, Diet Supplements that Helped Me Drop to Size Small

Besides baby fat, I never had a weight problem. In early adulthood, I weighed 117 pounds at 5'4". Then health issues, two stillborn babies, depression and antidepressants caused me to put on over 110 pounds (see photo right). I have since taken off 85 pounds and dropped 5-6 sizes without drugs or surgery (see photo right). I use several strategies including diet supplements. But wait, I said no drugs? Yes, supplements I use are natural, fruit-based, doctor-approved and available in grocery stores (no online-only or mail-order like some diet scams). Here's what I take.Fat Burners, Diet Supplements that Helped Me Lose 85 Pounds - Yahoo Voices -


Online Weight Loss Support Group, Challenge

I lost 87 pounds and am dieting to get 13 more pounds for my 100 pound goal.I didn't use drugs, surgery, or and expensive weight loss program with special food. Losing weight cost me nothing. But one important part is support. I won't pay to join a program, but rather I look free support options. I started a writer weight loss support group at Bubblews, a blogging-article platform I write for. Here's more info on that Bubblews Weight Loss Support Challenge

Self-Doubt, the Deceiver and Crippler Within

I'm not always sure how I come across or how I appear to others. But on the inside, I am a bundle of insecurities and fears. I wrestle with these demons every day, with more or less success.

Self-doubt is a frequent flyer through the passages of my mind. I don't think it's paranoia. I don't suspect people of dark designs or think I deserve things I'm not getting. The terrorist lives inside me. She is an implacable, sometimes cruel, autocrat that never allows me to feel satisfaction for doing a good thing. That's expected. But she's all over me if I foul up. She can get me so twisted around that I can't judge a mountain from a molehill.
Do You Know What I Mean? Does That Make Sense?

FDA Says Pregnant Women Should Not Use Opioid Painkillers

Now for your daily dose of no-duh news. Opioid painkillers are bad for babies, says the FDA. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration says it's upping labeling on opioid analgesics to warn pregnant women about dangers to fetuses.

Moms who take opioids, like Vicodin, Dilaudid, OxyContin, or wear pain patches with drugs like Fentanyl or Duragesic, deliver these drug to their unborn babies in utero. Chronic maternal use during pregnancy can cause NOWS--neonatal opioid withdrawal syndrome. Aka, drug-addicted babies.  FDA Says Pregnant Women Should Not Use Opioids--Obviously

Misconceptions about Sleep Apnea: Being Fat Causes OSA

In 2010, at 46, I was diagnosed with OSA--Obstructive Sleep Apnea. In OSA the nasal passages collapse during sleep, causing the apneac to choke and gasp for breath. Sometimes, like in my case, this happens hundreds (even thousands) of times a night. Because I was 100 pounds overweight, people have assumed I had sleep apnea because I was obese. That's a dangerous, potentially lethal misconception that only fat people get sleep apnea. From my own experience several factors disprove that. First, I lost 83 pounds and my apnea is just as bad, maybe worse. Here are other reasons. Misconceptions about Sleep Apnea: Being Fat Causes OSA 

Diet Tip: Make Mid-day Lunch Your Biggest Meal

I have lost 82 pounds. It's taken me about two years to do it. Along the way I have picked up tricks and tips that help with weight loss. Lots of people have asked me how I did it. I'm passing on diet strategies under the +Diet-tip-of-the-day and +Dietrecipeoftheday tags (you can click these to find the whole series). Today's tip: make lunch, or your midday meal the biggest one. Diet Tip: Make Mid-day Lunch Your Biggest Meal

Diet Tip of the Day: Share, Brag, Shout it Out

I'm dieting to get rid of 100 pounds gained and only have about 20 pounds to go. Every day I write a +Dietrecipeoftheday and +Diet-tip-of-the-day to share. Today's tip is: brag about weight lost. I was just discussing this with my eldest daughter. I was explaining why I post a lot of weight loss pictures on Facebook, how I tweet that I've lost 80 pounds and how I share my news a lot.

Maybe you've been wondering too why I do this (if you've read my articles). It's simple. I feel good and want to share how good weight loss feels. I want not only to tell, but show, how it works. Is this bragging? Maybe, a little. But as my daughter pointed out, it's no different than a alcoholic getting a 30-day sober pin. Or an athlete sharing about a win in a game. Or an artist displaying her work.
Diet Tip of the Day: Share and Brag

Living Al-Anon Slogans: Take Care of Yourself, Do What's Best for You

Anxiety and I go back a long way. Fear has been a constant companion, if not a friend. Panic attacks have ruled me and fight-or-flight characterized my behavior. The picture on the left is me deep in anxiety mode. I was not happy and it showed. Thanks to 12-step recovery groups like Al-Anon, I use past tense. I am learning to take care of myself so negative feelings don't control me. Picture on the right is me a few months ago, much happier, despite being in menopause Here's how.

Cast out false fear. My old modus operandi was others-driven. I'm not saying being others-centered is all bad. Obviously parents need to put kids first. And unselfishness is good for relationships. To an extent. But that wasn't how I did it. Living Al-Anon Slogans: Take Care of Yourself, Do What's Best for You

 I lived in constant fear of upsetting, angering, disappointing and failing. Fear consumed, overwhelmed and exhausted me. I got physically ill. Fear will always be my most challenging nemesis. Combating it means stepping way outside my comfort zone. But if I don't, the zone only gets smaller. Self-care means bearding my lions.

Air Conditioner Helps My Allergies

 I've been battling allergies all my life. I had testing done in 2010 and found that I'm allergic to just about everything but animals. I have skin and nasal allergies. Since moving to this house in 2000, they've escalated. I have a theory that it's due in part to a tannery located near us. That's being torn down now and I've noticed allergies are worse (itchy, watery eyes, breathing problems, itchy skin).  Air Conditioner Helps My Allergies

Parent Discipline Tips for Sassy Attitude, Smart-Mouth Kids

My oldest child was the poster child for strong willed. She freely (and proudly I suspect) admits this. All my kids have smart mouths and sassy attitudes--even as adults. Happily, they're learning to put attitude to healthier uses (besides just driving parents crazy). Got sassypants children? Here are attitude taming tips from a 25-year mom of four.

* Understand the source. Kids who act like wise guys usually are smart. They're clever and inquisitive. Gifted kids question everything, says Rhode Island Advisory Board on Gifted and Talented Education. So it stands to reason the first people they'll question are mom and dad.
Parent Discipline Tips for Sassy Attitude, Smart-Mouth Kids

Quit Letting People Take Advantage of You, Manipulate You

I've always let people take advantage of me. I've been embarrassingly easy to manipulate. I have what IFS Growth Patterns calls "people pleaser pattern" personality. It stems from low self-esteem and an over-active conscience. I'm an empath. I can't divorce others' pain from mine. This weird melange has destroyed my mental health and ruined relationships. But I'm not letting it anymore. To heal, I'm getting out of the passenger seat and taking over the wheel of my life. This heals relationships, too. Here's how.   Quit Letting People Take Advantage of You, Manipulate You

Health Problems I Lost After Losing Weight

I've lost 71 pounds gained. I didn't crash-diet. I cut fat, transfat, sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrates, starch and meat. Happily, losing weight lost health problems too.

High LDL Cholesterol: My low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol wasn't dangerously high, but it was getting there. Losing just 20 pounds got it down. I hadn't even started seriously dieting yet. What worked was cutting transfat and hydrogenated fat, eating less fat overall and switching to olive oil for cooking. Taking Omega-3 helps. I changed to light olive oil margarine and mayonnaise, nonfat milk and yogurt. I cut dairy, spreads and fat-based condiments. 90 percent of my protein intake is fish, chicken breast and lamb. I rarely eat beef or pork.  Health Problems I Lost After Losing Weight

Blogging Helps Teens with Social Problems, APA Says

Parents, are you worried about the amount of time your teen spends in online chat? Don't despair. A new study released by the American Psychological Association finds that blogging and online interaction can actually help teenagers process anxiety and cope better with social interaction. Here are facts about teen social blogging and emotional benefits.

I frequently write about negatives in youth online presence. I'm concerned that excessive texting and Facebook interaction is making kids unable to relate face-to-face. I think the healthy solution is balance. If kids only "socialize" from behind a screen, when they don't talk, only text, that's dangerous. And the "who with" is as important as the "how much." For the most part, kids should interact with agemates, not adults online. If you wouldn't let your kid go somewhere with someone, you shouldn't let him hang out online with them either.

When kids are equally social, online and off, then blogging and social networking seem to be positive. Adults, this advice is for us, too. I've had many positive experiences from blogging and Facebook. The former is part of how I earn my living. And the latter has enabled me to boost confidence and extend my comfort zone. Read more about how  Blogging Helps Teens with Social Problems

Antidepressant Food Swaps to Beat Depression, Boost Mood

I struggled with postpartum depression with all my children. Then I lost two stillborn babies and spiraled into major mood problems. I took the antidepressant Paxil which caused weight gain. Instead of improving, my depression became crippling. I quit antidepressants, but had gained 100 pounds and incurred numerous related health issues. I've since lost 68 pounds, reduced health problems and learned to treat depression naturally. Here are food swaps to eat and drink your way to a better mood.Read more

Natural Weight Loss Supplements, Fat Burners Help Me Diet Feel Better

I put on 100 pounds after losing two babies and taking an antidepressent. I started dieting a few years ago but took about six months to get serious. I began counting calories in earnest and weeding out junk food out. Then I tried some herbal weight loss supplements that have really boosted the weight loss. I've shaved off 100 pounds. I've waited to recommend them to see if they really work and they do. If you're trying to lose weight here, are diet supplements to help.

* Green tea: I take a combination-pill "Mega-T." I've used other similar products. It's not the name brand that matters but the ingredients. This is a caffeine product with guarana. If you have trouble with caffeine, don't take the full amount. This supplement helps burn fat by quelling hunger pains.

* Acai: Mega-T has acai too. The acai works great as a system cleanse. Without being graphic, let's just say it purges me and keeps me regular!

* Resveratol: This is an antioxidant and along with being a system cleanse, it does seem to help ward off infection. I struggle with allergies, but I've not gotten sick nor had a flu shot since taking it.

* Berry blends: Different manufacturers use various berry and fruit combinations: blueberry, bilberry, cranberry, raspberry, capsicum. I've used most all types and they each work as antioxidants.

* Yerba mate leaf: I've tried green tea blends without yerba mate and they don't seem to work as well to lose weight.

* Uva-Ursi leaf: I'm not sure exactly what this herb does, but I know that I have been luck losing weight when I use supplement that contain it.

* Hoodia gordonii cactus: This supplement has been touted for nearly a decade. I was reluctant to try it because I thought it might be a scam. But it does help with weight loss.

* Coconut oil and CLA fat burner

* Garcinia cambogia appetite suppressant

* Raspberry ketones fat burner

* White kidney bean and cinnamon to neutralize carbs and sugar

* Fruit and vegetable supplement: There are many varieties on the market. My favorite is Sundown Whole Food Multi. It's got all the letter vitamins, plus blends of green food, probiotics, omega, digestive enzymes, herb, fruit, vegetable and mushroom blend. It's the cheapest compared to Vita-Life, Alive or Your Life.

At first, I felt a little shaky and irritable taking the green tea extract guarana. But I've gotten used to it and don't notice any of those symptoms. I use the supplement three times daily, taking the last dose about six hours before bed so I don't have trouble sleeping. I also don't drink as much coffee when I'm using this product.

Tips for Dealing with Cyberbullies, Bullying Behavior

Recently, I experienced cyberbullying via Facebook. It was traumatizing. I was embarrassed that at 48, I let a person get to me like that. But some good came out it. I learned valuable, first-hand lessons about dealing with bullies.

Understand bully behavior. Some bullies torment for for fun. They're overtly hateful and cruel. Mental illness may be involved. This kind is rare. Your garden variety bully is more covert. He's a coward, a crowd-follower. He may capable of niceness, but if his pack is bullying, he'll join in. Alone, he'd won't dare, unless he can do it secretly. He may bully when anxious or stressed. He's basically weak-minded, unprincipled, and lacking in coping skills and self-discipline. His response to trouble is self-pity, projection and punishing others.  Tips for Dealing with Cyberbullies, Bullying Behavior

Drugfree Coping Tips for Menopause Hot Flashes, Night Sweats

Surviving menopause isn't for sissies. Next to menstruation and childbirth, it's the most life-altering event women experience. Hot flashes, night sweats, confusion, heart palpitations, anxiety, depression--I'm juggling them all. From one sister-warrior to another, here are drugfree coping strategies for hot flashes and night sweats.   Drugfree Coping Tips for Menopause Hot Flashes, Night Sweats

Living with Active Addiction: Staying Healthy Amid Chaos

Living with addiction in any form-- alcohol, religious, rage, money, sex, overeating, smoking--is miserable. I've played codependent to many. Addiction is cunning, baffling and powerful. I've made every mistake in the book (and invented some). Most of my dysfunctional coping mechanisms were learned in childhood and I'm working to recover from them. Here's what to expect in codependent recovery.  Living with Active Addiction: Staying Healthy Amid Chaos

How Crash Diets Damage Psychological Health

One of the biggest diet mistakes is food deprivation. That sounds like an oxymoron. Obviously, to lose weight, you have to cut back. But the key is how, where and how much. Excessive deprivation is dangerous, physically, psychologically and emotionally. Here's how it's affected me. How Crash Diets Damage Psychological Health

Attachment Parenting School Age Kids and Tweens

When people speak of attachment parenting, they're usually referring to infants or preschool kids. But the commitment to this type of parenting carries over to older kids too. Speaking as a mom who's in her 25th year attachment parenting, here's how it worked for us with school-age kids and tweens (preteen kids under 13).   Attachment Parenting School Age Kids and Tweens 

Soul-Soothing Music for Valentine's Day

Like no other stimulus, music touches our deepest soul responses. Music is sensual and provocative. Music spurs strong emotions and reactions. I'm a realist in practice but a romantic at heart. I'm often moved to tears by a particular piece of music. Love songs soothe my spirit, perfect for Valentine's Day. Whether you're in a committed, relationship, just broken up, looking of love or comfortably single, this music will salve your soul. If you're grieving, these songs can help you access angst. If depression plagues you, use as music therapy. I've included songs from different genres and countries. I've also included my favorite versions of the songs. Romantic Love Songs for Valentine's Day 

Diet Dangers--Things to Avoid to Lose Weight

Dieting is one of the most challenging behavior modification acts to perform. Unlike quitting smoking, where the smoker can give up cigarettes altogether, the dieter has to eat to live. I can't give up food but I can avoid certain pitfalls. Here's my diet danger watchlist. What to Avoid in Weight Loss

Beat Parenting Exhaustion in Healthy, Drug-free Ways

To say parenting is exhausting is a colossal understatement. Caring for rambunctious, demanding children is not like any go-to job. Work is at home and home is at work. Parenting is 24-7-365 with no built-in breaks, vacations or quitting time. It's a constant drain on a parent's mind, body and emotions. Here are tips to recharge your parenting batteries.  Refresh, Sleep Better without Drugs

How to Sleep Well without Drugs

"I didn't sleep well. I'm exhausted!' How often do you say or hear those words? It seems everyone is tired, even children. Here are simple tips to help you fall asleep, stay asleep, sleep well and awake refreshed. And best of all, these methods require no drugs. Read more

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