My Weight Gain and Loss, Before and After Pictures

This was me in 2011 in the blue dress. Not the two skinny, sexy girls--those are my lovely daughters. I was probably at my heaviest, over 100 pounds overweight. But there was a time when I was just as tiny as those pretty ladies.

I have since lost almost about 88 of those pounds. Now I'm working to shed the fat depression and shame. Being fat is a shame-ridden condition. So I started dieting. Here's +How-I-lost-weight and how I'm working now to shed fat shame.

I was chubby as a child, then lost weight at 12. Through high school, I still felt fat, even though at my highest, I weighed only 138 pounds at 5'4". In college I dropped to 107 pounds at one point. I got married and when I found I was expecting a year later, I weighed 117.  Read on to see weight gain and loss before and after photos. My Weight Gain and Weight Loss, Before, During and After Pictures 

Work Smarter Not Harder, You Overachiever Freelancer

I used to think that since I could write online 24-7, I should. Wrong. Burnout, exhaustion, health issues ensued. I am learning to work smarter, not harder. I think it's part of what kept me on antidepressants, overachiever that I am. Are you a work-a-holic? Here's what works on a site called Bubblews that I write for.
 Why Five Bubblews Posts a Day is Better Than Ten 

Safe Natural Fat Burners, Diet Supplements that Helped Me Drop to Size Small

Besides baby fat, I never had a weight problem. In early adulthood, I weighed 117 pounds at 5'4". Then health issues, two stillborn babies, depression and antidepressants caused me to put on over 110 pounds (see photo right). I have since taken off 85 pounds and dropped 5-6 sizes without drugs or surgery (see photo right). I use several strategies including diet supplements. But wait, I said no drugs? Yes, supplements I use are natural, fruit-based, doctor-approved and available in grocery stores (no online-only or mail-order like some diet scams). Here's what I take.Fat Burners, Diet Supplements that Helped Me Lose 85 Pounds - Yahoo Voices -


Online Weight Loss Support Group, Challenge

I lost 87 pounds and am dieting to get 13 more pounds for my 100 pound goal.I didn't use drugs, surgery, or and expensive weight loss program with special food. Losing weight cost me nothing. But one important part is support. I won't pay to join a program, but rather I look free support options. I started a writer weight loss support group at Bubblews, a blogging-article platform I write for. Here's more info on that Bubblews Weight Loss Support Challenge

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