Tips for Dealing with Cyberbullies, Bullying Behavior

Recently, I experienced cyberbullying via Facebook. It was traumatizing. I was embarrassed that at 48, I let a person get to me like that. But some good came out it. I learned valuable, first-hand lessons about dealing with bullies.

Understand bully behavior. Some bullies torment for for fun. They're overtly hateful and cruel. Mental illness may be involved. This kind is rare. Your garden variety bully is more covert. He's a coward, a crowd-follower. He may capable of niceness, but if his pack is bullying, he'll join in. Alone, he'd won't dare, unless he can do it secretly. He may bully when anxious or stressed. He's basically weak-minded, unprincipled, and lacking in coping skills and self-discipline. His response to trouble is self-pity, projection and punishing others.  Tips for Dealing with Cyberbullies, Bullying Behavior

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